All change!

It’s been a strange time lately. What with the old officers slowly departing one at a time and with our Chief Executive being offered the same position at Portsmouth SU, things are changing.

I love change.

All year we’ve been changing things. Changing what we do, how we do it and what we do after. I love changing people’s minds, challenging the accepted and changing things for students to make their lives at Uni even better.

Whilst everything I’ve just said is true, sometimes I don’t love change quite as much.

What some people may not realise is that whilst it is the job of your elected officers (President & VPs) to lead the Union, drive development and change the lives of students, the Chief Executive is also a fundamental part of this process. They provide the operational support which enables us to do our jobs and therefore all the things I’ve just said.

Chief Executives might not be required to come up with the ideas but they are responsible for making stuff happen.

As we near the deadline for the close of applications for the role I find myself filled with trepidation and excitement, almost in equal measure but not quite.

This week.

This week has been incredibly emotional! There have been many highs and lows, much the same as any other week in my time as the Pres.

The rest of the week is illustrated in picture form (just scroll down a bit!) but today didn’t warrant photos. Mainly because I can’t really take photos of meetings!

My 3 successes of today:
1. Getting the Uni to agree to allow us to have some life sized sabb vinyl put up in the main concourse.
2. Finding that the Uni are on side with Varsity, love the ideas I’ve got and might even throw some funding into the mix.
3. Planning the Welcome Team training and freshers period. Very excited to work with this years’ volunteers! (Also looking forward to freshers in general, though there’s tonnes to do before then. If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see in the first two weeks of Uni, let me know!)

Lots of love,

The Pres x

p.s I’m off for a week now!

Fun with Powelly in her last hour as a sabbling!

On Thursday we had the STAR awards, which are our student led teaching awards. It was the first one we’ve had at Solent and it was absolutely brilliant!

The Uni really bought into it and it was great to have students taking the time to nominate their fantastic tutors!

The event was a success and because it was our last event/day together as a team it all got a bit emotional!

Presents from Nat & Chris! Bless them alot x

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